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About us
About us
Introduction of WACC
  World Association of Chinese Cuisine (WACC) is a world-wide non-government and non-profit organization for the promotion of Chinese cuisine. Officially ratified by the Chinese government, WACC was established in 1991, headquartered in Beijing. WACC is voluntarily formed by worldwide societies, enterprises and institutions engaged in management, operation, research and education on Chinese culinary culture and skills.
  The mission of WACC is: to inherit and promote Chinese culinary culture and skills, to expand the worldwide influence of Chinese cuisine, to improve the status quo of Chinese catering industry and its chefs, to push forward the development of Chinese cuisine, to strengthen the culinary relations and cooperation in different countries and regions, to promote the unity and friendship among culinary groups and catering industries, and finally to make contributions to the human health and world peace through richer culinary life and catering culture.
  Since it establishment, WACC carried out various activities to strengthen the contacts and influence of worldwide Chinese cuisine industry. By now it has members from many countries and regions, including mainland China,  Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, U.S.A, Canada, Argentina, France, Holland, U.K, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, , Australia, etc.
The business scope of WACC is as follows:
1. Organizing academic research discussion on Chinese cuisine theory and culture in the world in order to promote China’s catering culture.
2. Organizing the worldwide and regional Chinese cuisine skills exhibitions and competitions in order to exchange views and enhance cuisine skills.
3. Providing support in training chefs of Chinese cuisine from different countries and exchange students.
4. Collecting and exchanging information about Chinese cuisine skills and culture, as well as editing, publishing and distributing the Chinese cuisine books, technical information, video information, and publications so as to promote Chinese cuisine.
5. Communicating with different countries and regions to have a better understanding of the development of Chinese cuisine and solve their problems, and exchange views among members to explore the development of Chinese cuisine in the world.
6. Providing support to members in holding expositions related to the cuisine in different counties and areas, and carrying out international cuisine consultation service and technical cooperation, and exchanging catering talents and managerial experiences, and exploiting Chinese catering market so as to enhance international competitiveness.
7. Other activities in accordance with the aim and purpose of WACC.


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